NTS MediaOnline Monthly (December)
December 16, 2016

Hello, I Must Be Going    

Is Talk Radio Dead?   

Stop Fearing Change! 

Editor’s Note: Over the past 20 years, I estimate I’ve written nearly 1,000 weekly and monthly feature columns about YOU.  So I trust for this final issue of NTS MediaOnline Monthly you will indulge me — just this one time — as I offer some thoughts on the road ahead for Talk radio from the perspective of this reporter, who has loved every minute of covering the Talk radio beat for the past two decades.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (NOVEMBER)
November 18, 2016

The Year That Was: 2016   

Our Annual Year End News Review   

The News & Noise In News/Talk/Sports 

The Year That Was: 2016 — It’s our annual look back at the news and the newsmakers that you read about on the daily and monthly pages of NTS MediaOnline during the year gone by. Our always popular year-end special issue contains a month-by-month breakdown of the news from News/Talk/Sports radio, featuring many of the people, events and issues that made headlines in 2016.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (October)
October 14, 2016

Happy BLOG-tober!   

Radio Myths Debunked  

What Happens Online In 60 Seconds? 

Happy BLOG-tober! Join us for a tour of some of our favorite blogs and other online media sites, where we’ll pick up info that’s relevant, informative, or just plain interesting along the way. We know you’re busy, so we do the searching, reading and analysis for you, served up in snack-size bites starting on page one.

Radio Myths DebunkedCumulus Media and Westwood One examine some frequently heard beliefs about consumer media habits, turning to researchers Nielsen, Edison Research, and the Advertising Research Foundation for some interesting insights. Just one of more than a half-dozen stops on our ‘Blog-tober’ tour!

What Happens Online In 60 Seconds? Have you ever wondered what’s flying through cyberspace and around  the worldwide web at any given moment? Thanks to Smart Insight and Momentum Media Marketing you can find out the answer, via a way cool info-graphic on page three.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (September)
September 16, 2016

Our 2016 Radio Show Edition   

Nashville Is Dave’s Kind Of Town  

Fun, Music And Good Eats 

Our 2016 Radio Show Edition: As the annual NAB/RAB Radio Show rolls into Nashville this month, NTS MediaOnline Monthly welcomes nationally syndicated radio talk host Dave Ramsey as our ‘guest host’ for this special edition of our monthly feature publication.

Nashville Is Dave’s Kind Of Town: Dave Ramsey has long called Nashville his home. He started his radio career there, hosting a local show that’s grown into a big time nationally syndicated success story, with over 575 affiliates nationwide. Since we always like to check in with a true local whenever we’re planning to visit a city, we figured who better than Dave to give us some ideas for making the most of any limited stay in Music City.

Fun, Music And Good Eats: Hey, Nashville is still ‘Music City’ at it’s heart, but its been quietly attracting some great chefs from around the world who have opened restaurants all over town. Along with great food, there’s also great sights and, of course, great live music all over town. Check out our ‘virtual’ tour of this year’s Radio Show host city, courtesy of Dave and his team, beginning on page one.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (AUGUST)
August 5, 2016

News You Can Use   

Radio Ads And Gen X  

Think Change Is Dangerous?

News You Can Use: A collection of news items we’ve come across, things we’ve heard about or seen on social media, and other cool stuff that we think is worth adding to your summer reading stack.

Radio Ads And Gen X: Media strategist Mark Ramsey offers radio some good news — and bad news — about the influence of radio ads on the generation sandwiched between Boomers and Millennials.

Think Change Is Dangerous? Researcher Richard Harker challenges broadcasters to be more aggressive at embracing changes in the industry, because the alternative is, as he says, “lethal.”

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (July)
July 1, 2016

You Need TWO Crisis Plans  

50 Important Questions To Ask  

Got A Damage Control Plan?

You Need TWO Crisis Plans: In recent weeks radio has once again been reminded of just how important it is to be ready whenever a crisis hits. Whether you’re facing a man-made or natural disaster, or a public relations nightmare after your star host said something on the air, or shared a controversial post on social media — either situation demands you have a solid plan in place and ready to go.

50 Important Questions To Ask — Whether your a broadcast veteran, or a rookie just getting into the biz, we’ve found no better primer on how to develop a crisis coverage plan for your station than RTDNA’s “50 Questions You Need To Ask When Preparing Crisis Coverage.” They’ve appeared on these pages before, but it is timeless advice that is well worth sharing again.

Got A Damage Control Plan? — What’s your plan in case one of your local hosts, or a nationally syndicated host, says something that’s offended someone? Suddenly your phone is ringing off the hook, advertisers want to pull their spots, and protesters are gathering outside the station’s front door. It’s why all stations — especially Talk stations — also need to have a ‘Damage Control’ crisis plan ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (June)
June 3, 2016

Congratulations June Graduates! 

Welcome To The Real World  

McCain’s VIP Capitol Tour

Congratulations June Graduates! With graduates busting out all over this month, we asked a panel of radio journalism pros, “If you could give the commencement speech to this year’s crop of would-be journalists, what advice and insights would you offer them about their road ahead?”

Welcome To The Real World — While our contributors all heartily agree that the future remains bright for audio journalism, this year’s crop of J-School graduates will need to step up and go well beyond the conventional skills and the conventional wisdom that used to apply when it comes to nailing down that first gig.

McCain’s VIP Capitol Tour — Not everyone gets a sitting U.S. Senator to give them a personal tour guide of the United States Capitol, but one lucky group recently scored a serious VIP to walk them through DC’s hallowed halls. It’s our ‘Featured Photo of the Month.’

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (MAY)
May 5, 2016

John & Leah Take On Sunday Nights 

2016 Presidential Election Prediction 

Three Guys Go Into A Bar In Fargo

John & Leah Take On Sunday Nights — After a hiatus from Talk radio, just over a year ago John Ziegler returned to the medium with a weekly, syndicated show co-hosted by Leah Brandon. Ziegler talks about launching his own radio venture and how being a now 40-something, married dad has impacted his life and his career.

2016 Presidential Election Prediction — Ziegler, a self described conservative, offers his prediction about next November’s presidential election and a warning about what he thinks it will mean for Talk radio.

Three Guys Go Into A Bar In Fargo — The recent NFL Draft gave folks in North Dakota reason to celebrate and hometown News/Talker KFGO was there to help get the party started.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (April)
March 31, 2016

Gotta Get A Guest? 

Finding Radio @ The NAB Show 

Get A Load Of This Crew

Gotta Get A Guest? — Scott Fox is an author, Internet lifestyle consultant, sought after speaker and pioneering podcaster. Best known for his bestselling books, including Internet Riches, eRiches 2.0 and Click Millionaires, we recently caught up with the former radio producer turned Internet entrepreneur to get the lowdown on RadioGuestList.com — a venture he’s been quietly developing for the past decade. And while development is ongoing, Scott says the site and service is ready for it’s close-up. Our feature interview begins on page one.

Finding Radio @ The NAB Show — Unlike the annual Fall NAB/RAB Radio Show, the agenda for the much larger NAB Show in Las Vegas this month is, as usual, light on radio and top heavy on TV, film and digital. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good sessions and events on tap for attendees from the radio end of the biz. Check out a few sessions and events that caught our eye on page three.

Get A Load Of This Crew — International radio consultant, author and speaker Valerie Geller attends a lot of conventions and seminars all over the world each year, and she’s seen a lot of conventioneers. But few rival a group she recently ran into on a visit to Seattle. Check out our ‘Featured Photo of the Month’ on page two.

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NTS MediaOnline Monthly (March)
March 4, 2016

Your Fired. Now What? 

Fired Vs. Laid Off 

Five Things To NOT Do

You’re Fired. Now What? — Call it ‘downsizing,’ ‘right-sizing,’ ‘maximizing synergy,’ or any of the other euphemisms company PR pros have come up with, when it’s all said and done you’re fired. In this edition of NTS MediaOnline Monthly we explore and offer some advice and tips on how to deal with a job loss, and offer ideas and insights on how to pick-up your life and move forward to your next opportunity.

Fired Vs. Laid-Off — While being out of work isn’t a crime, for a potential employer being fired ‘for cause’ from your last job can make you a much more scrutinized applicant. The reason you were fired is important and you’ll need to be able to address the inevitable questions about your situation effectively in an interview. Learn more on page two.

Five Things To NOT Do — Everyone will give you advice on what to do when you lose your job, but perhaps even more important is what you should NOT do. Check out “Don’t Do These Five Things” on page three.

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