Hell Freezes Over: Newspaper Praises Talk Radio
October 5, 2009

While a Washington Post article, penned by American Enterprise Institute Fellow and author Steven Hayward in yesterday’s (10/4) edition, isn’t entirely complimentary toward conservative Talk radio, the article —¬†Is Conservatism Brain Dead? — actually has a few good things to say about the medium. Of Talk radio and television host Glenn Beck, Hayward (pictured) says, “If more conservative talkers took up the theme of challenging liberalism’s bedrock assumptions the way Beck does from time to time, liberals would have to defend their problematic premises more often. He just might be helping to restore the equilibrium between the elite and populist sides of conservatism.” The author also characterizes¬†Salem Radio Network hosts Hugh Hewitt, William Bennett and Michael Medved as “brainiacs” who prove that, “It is perfectly possible to conduct Talk radio at a high level of seriousness.” Read the full article HERE.