What Caused The Crash Of Air America?
January 22, 2010

Although yesterday’s shutdown of Air America Media came abruptly, rumors of the liberal Talk network’s demise have dogged it almost since the day it was launched in 2004. So, why didn’t AAR succeed? Veteran Talk media exec and Gabe Hobbs Media President Gabe Hobbs has his theory, telling NTS MediaOnline Today, “As someone who got to work under the hood [at AAR] in the early days, I can tell you their vision and motivation was inconsistent with fundamental show business principles that are necessary for success. Most of what Air America did was about politics and promoting an agenda first, when that should have been last on their list. They should have been on a mission to create great, entertaining radio shows, let the politics fall where they may, and the agendas emerge organically as a byproduct of success. Instead the ‘money’ people always felt the political mission was the thing — cue buzzer sound effect here — wrong!”