Armstrong & Getty Call Out Doug Stephan
July 29, 2010

The KSTE/Sacramento-based morning duo, who are also heard on KNEW/San Francisco, charged syndicated talker Doug Stephan with lifting phone calls to their show and using them on his Good Day program without attribution. A reported “fan” emailed the duo to alert them that he heard a call on Stephan’s program — which airs on KNEW in the overnight hours prior to Armstrong & Getty — that “sounded surprisingly familiar to a caller I heard on your show.” After investigating, Armstrong & Getty charged Stephan with “borrowing” the phone calls and began an on-air discussion that ultimately resulted in a call to the show from Stephan. While Stephan offered an immediate apology and an explanation for what happened, following their phone chat the duo continued to rail on Stephan for the faux pas. Fans continued to call-in to voice their unhappiness with Stephan, and also posted some pretty nasty messages for Doug on A&G’s Facebook page.