Dr. Laura Apologizes For Using The “N-Word”
August 11, 2010

Talk Radio Network syndicated personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger has posted an apology on her blog for using the “n-word” during a conversation with an African-American woman who was wondering why her white male husband said nothing when others directed racially insensitive remarks toward her. Schlessinger noted how many African-American comedians and others in the black community use the “n-word” regularly — often even as a term of endearment — which tends to make others feel that it’s OK to use it, too. To demonstrate, Dr. Laura then let the controversial word fly, although it was clearly not directed at the caller. Commenting about the incident on her blog this morning Dr. Laura writes, “I always tell my listeners when they mess up, they need to follow the four R’s: take responsibility, have true remorse, try to repair it, and don’t repeat it. Yesterday, I messed up. I used the “n” word on-air, and I regretted it as soon as the call was over. While it was in the context of making a point about the unfortunate use of that term by others who deem it acceptable or funny, it is a word that is hateful, hurtful and I should not have used it even to prove a point. After the call, I was terribly upset about it and pulled myself off the air for the rest of the show.” Today (8/11), at the top of her national radio program, Schlessinger reiterated her apology saying in part, “I talk everyday about doing the right thing, and yesterday I did the wrong thing. I am very sorry, and it won’t happen again.”