The Future Looks Bright, But Challenging
October 18, 2010

That was the mood in the halls and meeting rooms of the just-heldĀ Talk Media Conference & Talk Show Boot Camp in Los Angeles. More than 250 News/Talk/Sports radio and related Talk media professionals were in attendance to hear keynoter Glenn Beck recount the story of his personal and professional redemption and success, along with his challenge to broadcasters to do better than simply recycling “mundane” ideas, just because something worked well in the past. Meanwhile, Friday luncheon host and speaker Dave Ramsey and his special guest Arthur Laffer offered a surprisingly optimistic take on America’s economic future, but echoed a recurring TMC/TSBC 2010 theme that things will get better, but it will take innovative and forward-thinking executives, programmers and on-air performers to get there. In Beck’s words, “Things are drastically changing unlike anything I have ever seen in my life.”