When Two Different Worlds Collide
February 1, 2011

Talk Radio Network syndicated host Michael Savage recently walked into a San Francisco store to get his cell phone fixed. When the store’s manager, an American Muslim, recognized the Talk host he confronted Savage and asked, “Why do you hate all Muslims?” I don’t hate all Muslims,” said Savage (pictured). “It’s about the radical Muslims.” The two continued to chat, with the store manager telling Savage, “There are many varieties of Muslims — moderate Muslims, fanatical Muslims and liberal Muslims — you cannot include them all in one lump.” Savage then asked, “When a bomb goes off, how do you feel?” The Pakistani store manager replied, “I am just as frightened of them and as terrorized as you are.” While the pair were certainly not going to agree on everything, Savage admitted the two shared more in common than he initially expected. “All I really want is peace on earth,” the manager said as Savage was leaving his store. “I want peace in my household,” said Savage to the laughter of his new “friend.” Hear the full story directly from SavageĀ HERE.