A British Gentleman In America’s Heartland
April 4, 2011

Billing himself as a “proud citizen of the United States,” Simon Conway has been tapped to fill the open afternoon drive slot at heritage News/Talker WHO/Des Moines. The London-born host says that although his birth certificate and accent are decidedly British, “I’ve been American in my attitudes for as long as I can remember. My conservative outlook was forged in my native UK, where I experienced the considerable downsides of European-style socialism. I have a unique insight into health care and all the other trappings of a socialist society. I’ve already lived through where we are headed.” WHO PD Van Harden calls Conway (pictured) “a treasure” and adds, “He’ll have a hay-day since everybody that wants to be President will want to sit in his guest chair between now and Iowa Caucus time next February!” Conway hits the air in America’s “heartland” next Monday (4/14). Congratulate him on his new gig HERE.