The Future For Talk Radio Is Mobile
June 9, 2011

So says Noah Shanok, founder and CEO of Stitcher, the San Francisco-based tech firm that has often described itself as, “The Pandora of Talk radio.” OK, so given his business ties Shanok (pictured) naturally brings some obvious bias to the table when it comes to the topic. But in a feature posted at the Dow Jones-owned technology news website, All Things D, Shanok makes it clear that he understands that Talk radio is significantly different from music radio when it comes to its future in digital media. “Talk is different,” he says. “Talk programming requires continuous updating for fresh content; it needs to be delivered on-demand when we want to listen to a program; and it must follow us around during all those times that our bodies are occupied but our minds are free: in the car, making dinner, working out.”  Shanok also notes that the growth of Internet connected mobile devices, like Smartphones and iPads, serve as a whole new generation of “personal radios” that more and more of us carry around nearly 24 hours a day. “That opens tremendous opportunities for both listeners and producers of Talk programming who now have a viable platform for consuming and distributing this content,” he says. Read more about Shanok’s convincing argument that Talk radio is headed toward a bright mobile future HERE.