So Who Is Rush Sponsor Wanting To Return?
March 7, 2012

While Rush Limbaugh carefully avoided mentioning the names of any of the new national advertisers waiting in the wings to join the show — nor the identities of either of the two sponsors who he said had cancelled but “have asked to return” — a report yesterday (3/6) posted on the Tucker Carlson-led online news site, The Daily Caller, might offer a hint about at least one of those advertisers’ names. According to reporter Jeff Poor, backup data service Carbonite saw it’s stock drop some 12% after trading opened on Monday after CEO David Friend posted a statement on the company’s website on Saturday (3/3) announcing that the company was canceling its advertising on Limbaugh’s show. While noting that Limbaugh had already issued a public apology, Friend said Carbonite had “nonetheless” decided to withdraw their ads. “We hope that our action, along with other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.” In recent days, Limbaugh’s critics have launched organized online campaigns to pressure companies to cancel advertising on Limbaugh’s show. Meanwhile, Rush fans have been fighting back with efforts of their own, telling advertisers to expect to lose customers should they withdraw their support under pressure. While we can’t be sure, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if  Arbitron has had to re-set their PPM devices to ‘stun mode’ ever since the Limbaugh flap first broke last week.