“Is Even One Of Us A Hate Monger?”
April 24, 2012

In his just released new book, Still The Best Hope: Why The World Needs American Values To TriumphSalem Radio Network talk host Dennis Prager details the three “ideas/religions” — Leftism, Islamism and Americanism — that are competing for the heart and soul of humanity. In doing so, the “clarity over agreement” conservative talk host also takes a swing at some of Talk radio’s critics saying, “There is one thing the Left has excelled at over the last hundred years: demonizing its opponents. With few – actually, very few – exceptions, conservative Talk radio has been overwhelmingly hate free. Take, for example, my SRN colleagues – Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Janet Mefferd, Hugh Hewitt, and Michael Medved – and myself: Is even one of us a hate monger? To anyone who has ever listened to us, the question is absurd. All of us attack positions, rarely people, and never with expressions of hate.” Prager — who airs noon-3pm (ET) weekdays — kicks off a tour in support of his new book when he guests with Sean Hannity tonight on FOX News Channel’s Hannity at 9pm (ET).