Rush “Busts” Into Missouri State House
May 15, 2012

Talk host Rush Limbaugh was not behind his usual ‘EIB Golden Microphone’ yesterday (5/14), but just where was the Premiere Networks syndicated host? As our Facebook friends and Twitter followers first learned about last night, the Missouri native was back home in the “Show Me” state for a special presentation at the Missouri State Capitol Building. That’s where a bust of Limbaugh joined others under the Capitol Rotunda in the “Hall of Famous Missourians.” A list of other ‘Famous Missourians’ who have received the honor is pretty diverse, to say the least, and includes such names as former Attorney General and Senator John Ashcroft, TV personality Bob Barker, President Harry Truman, circus performer Emmett Kelly, zoologist Marlin Perkins, CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite and legendary St. Louis sportscaster Jack Buck . But, true to form, word of Limbaugh’s induction did not go without controversy, as a number of State Democrats cried “foul” and challenged the legality of the proceedings. KMOX/St. Louis Capitol Bureau Chief Phil Brooks (pictured above with Limbaugh and his bronzed likeness) filed details on the “stealth” ceremony that took place yesterday. Read ’em HERE. (photo CBS Radio/St. Louis).