How Much Is Too Much?
July 23, 2012

There’s no question that the horrific shooting and murder of 12 people at a midnight premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO last Friday has rightfully dominated the news cycle for the past 72 hours. But with a literal media circus now camped out in the suburban Denver community, some are beginning to ask just how much coverage is too much, given that this is a story in which details and new developments are likely to play out over months, perhaps even years. Talk Radio Network host Laura Ingraham (pictured) is one of a number of voices out there cautioning that the media should make sure its coverage does not become excessive. “This killer craves notoriety, and around-the-clock coverage only plays into his desires,” writes Ingraham in today’s edition of her “Daily Fix” newsletter. “There are other important news stories, such as the drop in the stock market, that need to be covered. And the media should especially take care to give victims space as they recover from their physical and psychological wounds.” WHAT DO YOU THINK? Your comments on this topic (or on any story you read here in NTS MediaOnline Today) are welcome HERE.