FOX News/Talk And XM Reach Impasse
December 20, 2012

Negotiations between FOX News and SiriusXM Satellite Radio have broken down over a renewal deal that could result in the FOX News/Talk Channel on XM going dark on December 31st. A separate deal would keep the FOX News/Talk Channel available to Sirius subscribers, at least until February when that contract is believed to be up for renewal. NTS MediaOnline Today reached out to FOX News Radio Executive VP Kevin Magee who said, “We’re at the point where we need to tell our listeners that, because SiriusXM hasn’t come to the table with a meaningful offer, they may no longer be able to hear us on XM. When we did our last deal together in 2005, SiriusXM had 9.2 million subscribers. Today they have something like 24 million-plus subscribers, their revenue has gone from $800 million to $3.4 billion, and their EBITA has gone from losing a billion dollars to $900 million in the black, yet they’ve still not come to the table with any meaningful offer. Meanwhile, SiriusXM has pushed through a rate increase for subscribers, so life is pretty good over there.” Along with daily talk shows hosted by Brian Kilmeade, John Gibson, Tom Sullivan and Alan Colmes, the FOX News/Talk satellite radio channel also offers a top and bottom of the hour newscast around the clock. Magee said that although “no talks are currently scheduled” he added, “They have my cell phone number and they can reach me any time of the day or night.”