All For One, And One For All
January 14, 2013

While politicians in DC and across the nation posture and finger-point in the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, Salem Radio Network’s nationally syndicated talk hosts have united to launch a nationwide petition to protect the 2nd Amendment. SRN’s Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Janet Mefferd, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved are all asking their listeners to join the campaign by signing the online petition HERE. The move marks the second time that the network’s hosts have banded together for such a project, the last time being a petition against the health care bill now commonly known as ‘ObamaCare,’ which generated some 1.3 million signatures. “Each of our hosts have differing opinions on specific aspects of U.S. gun policy,” said Tom Tradup, SRN VP/News, Talk and Sports Programming. “But they are all 100% united in not wanting Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Harry Reid in charge of the agenda!” SRN will deliver the petition signatures directly to Congress at a Washington news conference to be held next month.