The Story Behind That Paul Harvey Ad
February 5, 2013

Ever since Sunday’s Super Bowl game, the industry has been buzzing about a commercial for Dodge Ram trucks, featuring the voice of the late Paul Harvey. Many report that when the spot aired, even the most boisterous of game day parties grew suddenly quiet, attracted by the sound of that unmistakeable voice and the patented cadence that made Harvey (pictured) the most unique star that national radio has ever produced. So just where did that soliloquy on the American farmer come from? For the answer we asked former ABC News Radio VP (now Clear Channel 24/7 News Source SVP) Chris Berry — who worked with Paul Harvey for many years — to fill in the details for us. “Until we started digitally archiving the Harvey broadcasts in 2000, most of his News and Comment programs were lost after they were delivered. I spoke with Paul’s long-time assistant June Westgaard the morning after the Super Bowl spot aired, and she told me that they had a ‘devil of time’ trying to find this one. Although the essay was a favorite piece that was used on occasion for many years — usually on the Saturday News and Comment broadcast — this actual recording came from a speech that Paul gave at a Future Farmers of America meeting in 1978 — 35 years ago.” And so, with props to the late Mr. Harvey, who died in 2009 at the age of 90, we confidently say, “And now you know … the rest of the story.”