Did You Miss “World Radio Day?”
February 15, 2013

Did you know that February 13th was the officially UNESCO-sanctioned World Radio Day? Yeah, we kinda missed it, too.  However, in Finland — where our old pal and longtime Talk radio consultant Valerie Geller is working with a client station in Helsinki this week — she reports, “It was a really big deal here.” She also passed along a post from Media UK Managing Director James Cridland, who noted how the radio industry in Finland worked together to remind the entire country about just how important broadcast radio really is to their everyday lives, through events, newspaper features, and even letters sent to every single politician (Are you taking notes here NAB and RAB?). The message of “love” that was heard by every morning drive radio listener across the country reads, in part:

“Good morning. I have something to say to you. Please turn up the volume a little, I want to be sure that you can hear me. Do you know how important you are to me? And how much you mean to me? …. I’m proud to say that I have an urge to spoil you. To serve you. Sometimes to guide you and tell you things. I want to make you laugh. To take part. To join the conversation …. The world is changing. And we will change it together, you and I. My name is — radio — and I love you.”

Read the full text of the announcement included in Cridland’s post HERE. You just might want to file it away to use on next year’s World Radio Day.