News/Talk’s Number One In PPM Markets
May 8, 2013

Arbitron released its Radio Today 2013 study to clients today and there’s a lot of good news in it for News/Talk radio. News/Talk — designated by Arbitron as ‘News/Talk/Information’ plus ‘Talk/Personality’ — remains the number one format in PPM-measured markets, and the number two format in the rest of U.S. diary measured markets. Radio Today 2013 notes that, like other spoken word formats, News/Talk continues to rank “prominently” in highly educated, high income listeners. The just released study also offers an interesting look at a map of the U.S. showing where the format both outperforms and underperforms its national average. States where News/Talk performs “substantially above” the national average include Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont and Massachusetts. Conversely, those states where the format performs “substantially below” the national average include Montana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, North and South Carolina and Maine. The full Radio Today 2013┬áreport is currently available only to Arbitron clients. However, non-subscribers can access an ‘Executive Summary’ of the study HERE.