Beck Heads Mercury One Response Team
May 21, 2013

In the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s tornado in Oklahoma, radio and TV personality Glenn Beck — whose company is now headquartered in nearby Dallas — put out the call for tractor trailers and drivers willing to make the trek to OKC to assist those in grave need. It didn’t take long before Beck and his team from Mercury One and Operation Blessing had the vehicles, drivers, supplies and team-members needed to help those impacted by the disaster. Once loaded up and ready, the caravan departed from Dallas and arrived in Moore, OK in the wee small hours of this morning. Beck (pictured above on-site in Moore, OK) responded to critics on Twitter wanting to know “who he thinks he is” for being among the first responders. “An American citizen, that’s who I think I am,” he said. “We’re here because we’re Americans.” As of this posting of today’s edition of NTS MediaOnline Today, Beck’s Mercury One organization had already raised over $400,000 in donations for relief efforts to help those affected by the tragedy. The Blaze has more details on the Premiere Networks syndicated Talk radio host’s trip to OKC, along with some stunning photos HERE.