Grabien Unveils Tool For Talk Producers
October 3, 2014

News clip site Grabien — billed as “the world’s first online marketplace for professionally edited, crowd-sourced news multi-media” — has unveiled a new tool built specifically for Talk radio producers. Dubbed The Daily Sound Packet, Grabien founder Tom Elliott reports the new tool means producers will no longer have to transcribe clips, label files, or type up a daily sound sheet. Instead they can simply log in, select the clips they’d like to use, and click download. Users will receive a zipped folder with the clips labeled in the proper order, as well as a sound sheet/clip list with full transcriptions. Elliott, himself a longtime talk producer, says the new tool has enabled him to cut the average time it takes to prep a 20-clip sound packet from around 8 hours down to about 30 minutes. “We think this new tool eliminates the last remaining ’nitty-gritty’ work producers waste time with as part of their daily show production,” he said. Watch a YouTube video demo of the new tool HERE.