Doctors Order Radio And TV Silence For Beck
July 6, 2015

(UPDATED NEW INFO AND VIDEO): As NTS MediaOnline Today readers first learned in our ‘Breaking News’ email earlier today, nationally syndicated Talk radio host and TheBlaze founder and television personality Glenn Beck has confirmed that his doctors have diagnosed him with severe vocal cord strain caused by overuse. In a pre-recorded announcement, Beck’s voice was clearly strained and scratchy as he told listeners and viewers that doctors have ordered him to refrain from speaking for any prolonged time for the next few weeks — meaning he’ll be away from his daily Premiere Networks radio microphone and his nightly TV show for about a month while undergoing voice recovery therapy  under strict medical supervision. Expectations are that Glenn will return to his radio and television programs on Monday, August 3rd, as a full recovery is anticipated. Meanwhile, show regulars Pat and Stu — along with a variety of special guests — will fill-in for Beck on both his radio and TV shows while he’s gone. Plans for Beck’s already announced speaking and listener event in Birmingham, AL on August 28th and a subsequent tour are continuing.

Watch video of Glenn Beck’s announcement HERE.