Talk And Media News Notes
April 29, 2016

Alpha Media has announced that David van Camp will permanently join Jamie Markley for the newly renamed Markley and van Camp Show, which airs weekdays on 1470 &100.3 WMBD/Peoria (2-6pm) and FM News 101 KXL/Portland, OR (9am-noon). Markley and van Camp have been partnered together on the show since former co-host Scott Robbins was sidelined with health concerns last August and has been unable to return … Lots of comings and goings rumored at Glenn Beck’s multimedia network venture TheBlaze, with published reports of staff cutbacks at the company’s offices in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Meanwhile, a statement from TheBlaze released late yesterday (4/28) made no mention of any staff cutbacks, instead focusing on the hiring of three digital media industry veterans who are joining Beck’s executive team, including new SVP/Marketing Chris Gannett, SVP/Content and Programming Matt Frucci, and new VP/Talent and Culture Lisa Fowler. The release did confirm that a business decision has been made to consolidate all of the company’s operations under one roof at its Irving, TX (Dallas) headquarters … Talk Radio On TV: Look for Leslie Marshall next week on FOX News Channel where the WYM Media-syndicated talker will join Bill O’Reilly for analysis of the Indiana primary, next Tuesday at 8pm (ET), then take a seat on the couch of FNC’s Outnumbered on Wednesday (5/4) at noon (ET).

More Talk And Media News Notes
April 29, 2016

KCMO/Kansas City afternoon driver Greg Knapp posts news that he’s been sacked at the Cumulus Media talker. “I was told that corporate was looking at saving money and decided the best way to do that was to lay me off,” writes Knapp (left). “I was told repeatedly it was not about my performance. My general manager was very kind in telling me how much she appreciated my show and my work. I think corporate just decided it was cheaper to run their own syndicated programming than it was to pay me a salary. Everyone at Cumulus KC has been very good to me. I will miss working with them – especially my producer, Martell.” No word on who or what will fill Knapp’s daily 4-6pm slot. Friends and colleagues can message Greg via his Facebook page HERE … Happy trails to CBS Radio News veteran Robert Goodman, who retired this week after a 30-year career at the network. CBS News Executive Producer for Radio Charlie Kaye notes in a Facebook nod to his longtime colleague that Goodman was the assignment editor on duty on the morning of 9/11, recalling that the veteran journalist “remained calm and cool amidst the chaos of that horrible day.” … CONDOLENCES: To the family, friends and former colleagues of legendary WOOD/Grand Rapids personality Bruce Grant, who died April 23rd at the age of 92. A household name around town, Grant retired in 1991 after 32 years on the air at WOOD.

Not The Best Time To Catch Up On Some Zzzzz’s
April 28, 2016

While doing a phone interview on Salem Radio Network’s Hugh Hewitt Show today, the Washington Post’s national political correspondent Dave Weigel didn’t immediately respond to a question from guest host Mark Davis because Weigel apparently fell asleep! Pausing to hear the answer to his question about something the newspaper reporter had tweeted last night, Davis was greeted with dead silence, except for the very distinctive sound of contented snoring. Startled awake by Davis asking if he’d heard the question, the reporter tried to fake his way through, saying he was someplace where he couldn’t hear very well. Weigel later apologized, saying he was on the west coast and blamed the pre-dawn timing of the interview for the lapse of consciousness. Mediaite’s Alex Griswold has posted the embarrassing audio that’s sure to make Weigel an Internet sensation HERE.

Rose Rises To PD @ KFAB
April 27, 2016

iHeartMedia/Omaha has named Jim Rose (left) Program Director for NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, effective May 1st. Rose takes over programming duties previously handled by long-time KFAB on-air host Gary Sadlemyer, who recently announced plans to step down as PD, but will continue as host of Gary Sadlemyer and the Good Morning Show. Rose, who has served as co-host of the morning show with Gary since 2001, will also retain his on-air role after taking over as PD. “When Gary made the decision to step down as Program Director for KFAB, we knew we had big shoes to fill,” said Erik Johnson, Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia/Omaha. “Jim’s tremendous background in radio news, and his intimate knowledge of both Omaha and KFAB, make him the perfect candidate to take over for Gary, who will remain an important and integral part of KFAB.”

“It’s Tempting To Craft Conspiracy Theories”
April 27, 2016

In a story reported here yesterday (4/26), syndicated talker John Ziegler blamed ratings chasing by conservative media for fueling the rise of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump saying, “Conservative media is willing to sell its soul to the highest bidder if it’s in its own self-interest to do so.” That comment prompted veteran Dallas Talk radio host Mark Davis — who anchors mornings at Salem Media Group’s DFW talker 660 AM The Answer (KSKY) — to fire back with a comment or two of his own: “It is tempting to craft conspiracy theories of ‘conservative media’ as some monolithic entity with a desire for Trump vs. Hillary purely for ratings,” said Davis (right). “But that collectively insults many conservatives in radio, TV and print who are sharing their honest thoughts every day in this crazy year. Of course it’s a business more than a cause, and properly so. But our business is to share our views candidly, and right now voices can be found who are pro- and anti-Trump, and pro- and anti-Ted Cruz. Some even pine for Jeb Bush. Agree or disagree with any of the voices in our industry, but do not disparage them with the fiction that they are offering up concocted views to fuel some hidden agenda.”

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Conservative Media’s Self Interest In Trump Win
April 26, 2016

During an appearance last night (4/25) on MSNBC, conservative Talk radio host, documentary film maker and author John Ziegler told Lawrence O’Donnell that he believes the rise of Donald Trump as the GOP presidential frontrunner is primarily due to conservative media and its own self-interests. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of the right wing conspiracy for awhile,” quipped Ziegler, who currently hosts the weekly Sunday night John & Leah Show, syndicated by Envision Networks. “I’ve been telling people for years that the conservative media is willing to sell its soul to the highest bidder if it’s in its own self-interest to do so. It’s really a business, not a cause. It’s pretending to be a cause, but it’s really just a business. And that means it’s about money and ratings.” Dropping a few big names in Talk radio to support his thesis Ziegler continued, “The conservative media has a self- interest in Donald Trump being the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton winning the presidency. Let’s face it, the conservative media wins either way — with great ratings in the Fall and then when Trump loses to Hillary — as I believe he will — they’ll get four more years of easy content.” See video of Zigler’s full interview with O’Donnell HERE.

Noam Laden Upped To News Director @ WABC
April 25, 2016

Cumulus Media/New York has promoted Noam Laden to News Director for its Gotham City News/Talker WABC. Born and raised on the other side of the Hudson River in Trenton, NJ, Laden held stints in South Carolina and at crosstown WOR before joining WABC, where he’s hosted the station’s popular early morning News Hour, weekdays at 5am, for the past decade. “Noam Laden is a highly respected and seasoned news professional who will give our news coverage even greater dimension and focus in this critical election year and beyond,” said Chad Lopez, VP/Market Manager for Cumulus’ NYC cluster. Expanding on that theme PD Craig Schwalb added, “Having Noam leading our news operations as News Director will raise our game substantially. He’ll work to help us drive heightened excellence in our news coverage, with expanded digital news functions, weekend news enhancements, special in-depth reports, and more. This is a fantastic step for our team and great news for our listeners.”


More “Good Radio Doing Good”
April 22, 2016

In yet another well-worth-sharing example of a local broadcast station stepping up to the plate when the community needs it most, Alpha Media News/Talker AM 580 WIBW/Topeka recently turned nursemaid to a whole bunch of calves in the region following early spring wildfires that brought devastation to cattle herds in northwest Oklahoma and Kansas. Pushed by 40+ mph winds, the fires spread across over 500 square miles of grazing land, injuring and killing cattle and orphaning many calves that were in urgent need of milk replacer to survive. 580 WIBW led the charge to help, teaming up with the Kansas Ag Network and Kansas Farm Bureau to purchase 1,100 pounds of milk replacer, then hitched the station’s van to a trailer full of the life-saving product and headed out for the relief center some four hours away. “Your heart goes out to every rancher, their families and all the volunteer firefighters who did what they needed to do to limit property damage and loss of life,” said WIBW/Kansas Agriculture Network Farm Broadcaster Greg Akagi. “The 1,100 pounds of calf milk replacer, that we delivered was a small drop in helping those ranchers affected by the fires. The overwhelming amount of donations has been wonderful and really shows that agriculture takes care of agriculture.”

Twitter Not As Important As Journalists Think
April 21, 2016

In a recent post to, Chief Media writer Jim Warren cautions news journalists that their addiction to posting reports to Twitter may not be as important as you they think. “Here is some sobering news,” writes Warren. “Twitter generates 1.5 percent of traffic for typical news organizations, according to a new report from the social analytics company that examined data from 200 of its client websites over two weeks in January. Despite its conversational and breaking news value, Twitter remains a relatively small source of traffic for most publishers. According to, less than 5 percent of referrals in its network came from Twitter during January and February 2016. Twitter trails Facebook, Google, and even Yahoo as sources of traffic, the report said.” Read Warren’s full story HERE.

RTDNA Partners With Poynter For Training
April 21, 2016

Speaking of Poynter, the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) has joined forces with The Poynter Institute to provide its members with access to Poynter’s most popular journalism training resources. Active members of the Association will enjoy discounts to a wide range of webinars, self-directed courses, online group seminars and in-person training from Poynter’s distinguished faculty, along with some of the industry’s brightest minds and most accomplished journalists. “Our members have told us that training is a priority, as they look for ways to build their skills and be true leaders in our business,” said Mike Cavender, Executive Director of RTDNA. “We’re excited to expand our relationship with Poynter and provide more opportunities for professional growth.”